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DipSway API
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The only Crypto Signal Endpoint you'll ever need.

Priceless data to enhance your trading, all in one AI-powered API.

Signals on 350+ crypto

Looking for strong BUY/SELL signals on your favorite crypto?
Get full access to our database of 350+ coins and live AI-signals.

Real-time webhook

Interested in any signals, but dont want to run a server?
Get notified in real-time with our live webhook integration.

TradingView automation

Want to connect your TradingView strategy to your exchange? Learn how to run it using Automate No Code

100% Uptime

The API is built on top of the most reliable cloud infrastructure. 24/7 support is guaranteed.
See live data-status & activity here

What people are saying

  • Great support by the team all the time giving hints and delivering new feature requests swiftly!

  • The best IA Bot of the world easy to use an really efective

  • Enjoying DipSway really well. The team is great ans really helpful. There is like bo waiting for support and they always taking your concerns serious. Since i joined this project, they made huge progress. Bot is far more productive, UI got a huge overhaul and is now really neat. Huge shout-out to the team. Thank you guys.

  • I activated the DipSway bot a few months ago and I am really satisfied with its performance. I don’t have so much experience with crypto but the platform is simple and intuitive and bot setup was super easy. The team is constantly working to improve the service and always ready to provide assistance. Keep it up guys!

  • Dip Sway is excellent because it actively tries to deliver on what it promises: a profitable crypto bot that acts on data. I am happy with the bots’ returns, as well as the technical support I received from the Customer Success Manager of the project: Luca Chiarra. Thank you guys, I remain your active customer and am looking forward to seeing the further developments set in the business’ roadmap.

  • To be honest, I wasn’t sure before signing up, but I read recommendations from people who had been trying it for several weeks with positive results and I went with the most basic plan. I have only been on it for a short time, but so far everything is working very well and I am on profit. Next month I will renew to a higher plan. To highlight the technical service, very attentive and quick with the answers to any questions. I recommend it.

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DipSway AI is a software company that provides AI-powered trading signals and automation tools for the cryptocurrency market. Our mission is to make trading easier and more profitable for everyone. We are a team of developers, traders, and data scientists who are passionate about cryptocurrencies and the potential of AI in trading. We are constantly improving our products and adding new features to provide the best possible experience for our users.

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