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DipSway’s AI Spot Bot is a 100% automated bot that trades on your behalf and is optimized to open/close accurate and profitable trades. The perfect blend of strategies, indicators and AI make this spot bot one of the most versatile bots on the market.

Bot Setup

The bot configuration is kept to a minimum and takes up to 2 minutes. However, there are some manual addition you can implement to personalize it.

  1. Connect a new set of API Keys
  2. Select the crypto you want to trade
  3. Set the Buy Power
  4. Turn on the bot!

How does the AI Spot Bot work?

After you completed the setup steps and get a green check ✅ on your bot status, your bot will begin to search for the best Buy opportunities.

Where to find: Spot bots → select the bot → Your bots

While the bot runs, you’ll see the signals the bot receives in the Recent Activityblock found in your bot’s Dashboard.

When the bot buys/sells, all the trades will be listed in your Trading History in your View Bot page.

Your opened positions will be tracked in the Opened Position block in your View Bot page.

And that’s it! You’re now a ninja of the DipSway platform! Every 1st of the month you’ll receive a clean-up email with some data on the best crypto performances and the top profiles so you can adjust your settings and always be on top of the market!

How safe is the AI Spot Bot?

A users safety is DipSway’s number 1 priority. In addition to the strong encryption protocols (AES, ECC, RSA-2048, OAuth) we use to ensure that the user’s data is secure, we have 2 proprieties that must be highlighted:

  • DipSway does NOT allow deposits and withdraws.
    • All assets are held on your exchange and all operations are done on your exchange.
  • DipSway has mandatory whitelisted IP addresses for a stable and secure communication between DipSway and the connected exchange.

Supported Exchanges

We support a variety of exchanges, some of them are also our partners so you can create API keys very quickly.

Here’s the list of all the exchanges you can run an AI spot bot on and the relative tutorial on how to connect each of them: Supported Exchanges

AI crypto trading Spot Bot Performances

We recognize how important it is for users to know the performances of a crypto bot.

On our official website you’ll find the LIVE results we averaged each month and our live backtests with a refresh rate of 24h. (See backtests)

Because backtests aren’t as reliable as live performances, DipSway showcases the best crypto performances table and the best bot setups. You can filter the different days/weeks/months and the best ranking users.