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I just joined, my wallet has multiple USDT pairs but no free USDT. Will the spot bot work?

Check your Trading History on DipSway. if there are no trades, the bot cannot recognize if your already opened positions are in profit or loss. So you must have at least the minimum required amount of USDT to run the bot smoothly. The minimum of USDT is between 20 USDT and 100 USDT. Because different exchanges have different minimum requirements, we do our best to make them all work.

The platforms isn’t reading my wallet balance, why?

If you recently deposited or moved funds into the connected wallet, then it’s normal. It can take up to 3 hours for the platform to read the new funds.

How long can it take for the bot to start working?

The bot will work as soon as it is setup and turned on. Depending on the market conditions your bot will relative activity. In an uptrending market, because of the high prices, you can expect the bot to have low activity on the buy side. So if you just joined and haven’t seen any buys in the last 2 days, that could be the case.

How much attention does the bot require?

This depends on how you use the DipSway platform. If you trade High cap coins such as BTC, ETH, XRP, etc…we recommend letting the bot do its thing and recycle the altcoins you might have selected. A once a month clean up should be the minimum. 👍🏼

I cannot find a specific asset I wanted to trade, can DipSway add it?

We certainly can! If there is an asset you’d like to trade on we can add that up for you. If you are the owner of the asset we charge €999 fee (VAT included) to list the coin in our system.

Why is the bot leaving a small amount of tokens upon selling, like in this image with EOS?

This is called “Crypto Dust”.

It typically has a monetary value that is lower than the minimum trade (BUY/SELL) limits, which disallows users & bots to trade the residual amount.

Some exchanges allow to convert it for very low fee into a propetary coin (e.g Binance -> BNB, Crypto[dot]com -> CRO)

Each exchange has some limits on the exact amount of each coin can be bought and sold, and the bot is aware of those limitations, therefore is always trying to place buy/sell considering the whole amount.

It may happen that some dust accumulates, in which case the bot will simply add up the amount with the next buy orders and consider the total open position when it tries to sell again (also taking into account the exchange’s limits for that coin).

In the ‘Trades History’ a SELL order does not show the profit it made while it certainly did? The trade is marked with a red triangle instead.

The fact that the UI does not render the profit generated for that sell is because the website did not pull enough data from our database in order to calculate it (so as not to overload the call).

This happens when a user has too many transactions and a sale closes a “very old purchase” (~400 previous trades).