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DipSway API


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Yearly plan

€175 Save €61! - Autopilot your profits for a year!

The Starter plans includes:

Numbers of bots: 1 bot

Number of trades: Unlimited trades

Bot Up Time: Unlimited running time, 24/7

Tradable Crypto: up to 5

Max Buy Power: up to 3.000 USDT

Candle Granularity: 1 minute

Priority: Normal

Users Crypto Performances: Yes

What does up to 5 Crypto Coins mean?

DipSway crypto selection offers a wide range of cryptocurrencies. 5 is the max number of assets your bot can run on and trade concurrently.

What is Candle Granularity?

Candle granularity is the frequency at which your bot will check for market opportunities. In easy terms, it’s the speed of your bot!

What is the Priority of Execution?

The order in which your bot and other DipSway users’ bots execute trades is based on the sequence they place their orders. The execution of trades follows this sequence: LifeTime > Whale > Enthusiast > Starter