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DipSway API

Bot Leaderboard

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What is the Bots Leaderboard?

This leaderboard ranks the top 10 users and their best bot setup. You can copy their crypto, their Buy Power, and their custom Stop-Loss & Take Profit. The metrics we rank these users by are:

  • AI Optimization Score
  • Cumulative ROI
  • Realized P&L

What is the AI Optimization Score?

The AI Optimisation Score is a measure of how well a bot configuration is performing. The data is directly streamed from our backend so it’s always up to date. The score includes:

  • Number of Trades
  • ROI
  • Safety of the settings used
  • Duration of the max drawdown

This scoring system aims at rewarding the healthiest, most balanced and highest performing configuration.

What is the Cumulative ROI

Cumulative ROI → Cumulative Return on Investment

The cumulative ROI is a measure that represents the total return earned on an investment over a specified period, considering both realized gains and losses. In our case, it provides insight into the overall performance of the user’s wallet connected.

What is the Realized P&L

Realized P&L → Realized Profit and Loss

This metric indicates the actual profits or losses incurred from closed trades made by the bot within a specific timeframe. It represents the difference between the selling price of a crypto and its original purchase price. Fees are already included in the Realized P&L.

→ Example


the bot buys 1 Bitcoin (BTC) at a price of $40,000 per BTC. Total cost = 1 BTC * $40,000/BTC = $40,000.


The bot sells your 1 Bitcoin when the price has risen to $50,000 per BTC. Total revenue from sale = 1 BTC * $50,000/BTC = $50,000.

Realized P&L:

Realized Profit = Total revenue from sale - Total cost of purchase Realized Profit = $50,000 - $40,000 = $10,000.