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DipSway API


How to connect Kraken to DipSway

Don’t have a Kraken account? create one here

  1. Generate API Keys (1 minute, open Kraken Pro API menu):

    Open your menu at the top and press on API. You can create the API keys with either Kraken Pro or Kraken classic. For easier management, Kraken Pro is preferred.
    Go to Kraken Pro, and press Settings at the top-right corner
    Go to the API menu

    Press “Add key”.

    Enable only the permissions shown and insert our IP addresses:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

    Press “generate key” and save your API key information. You won’t have access to your API secret in the future, so save it now and never share it with anyone!

  2. Paste your Kraken API details in DipSway

Congratulations, you created your DipSway AI spot bot with Kraken! Now you can experience the benefits of automated AI crypto trading. See the introduction to the bot!