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DipSway API

Add Bot

How do you create your first AI spot bot?

  1. Go to dashboard
  2. Select Exchange
  3. Insert API key details
  4. Press “create bot”

How do you add new bots?

Go to your existing bot page, and press “New bot”. Repeat the same process of adding the API keys and you’ll create a second bot in seconds!

How many bots AI spot bots can you create?

The number of bots you can create will depend on the plan you pick.

  • Starter plan: 1 bot
  • Enthusiast plan: up to 3 bots
  • Whale plan: up to 5 bots

See our plans: Plans

How do you delete a bot?

  1. go to “YOUR BOTS”
  2. select the bot you want to delete
  3. click the “DELETE BOT” button