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DipSway API

Coin Stats

What are DipSway’s crypto performance?

This table ranks all of the crypto that are traded by the bot during the month. They’re ranked with an AI optimization score which filters out the assets that spiked randomly. This ranking gives a clear and secure idea of what is performing best in that time period. You can filter the crypto performanecs by month. You have:

  • AI Optimization Score
  • Cumulative ROI
  • Average Trade Duration

What is the AI Optimization Score?

The AI Optimisation Score is a rank we assign to each crypto traded by the bot. The data is directly streamed from our backend so it’s always up to date. The score includes:

  • Average Trade Duration
  • cumulative ROI
  • Safety of the asset
  • Duration of the max drawdown

This scoring system aims at rewarding the healthiest, most balanced and highest performing asset.

What is the Cumulative ROI

Cumulative ROI → Cumulative Return on Investment

The cumulative ROI is a measure that represents the total return earned on an investment over a specified period, considering both realized gains and losses. In our case, it provides insight into the overall performance of the user’s wallet connected.

What is the Average Trade Duration

The average trade duration is the average time it takes the bot to open and close that particular crypto.

What is the monthly ROI of DipSway’s AI spot bot?

What is the ROI

The average Return On Investment is streamed publicly here. This metric indicates the average performance within all crypto traded by the DipSway bot.

What are the Assets

This metric indicates the total assets traded by the AI spot bot in that set time period.

As you see, DipSway offers a wide variety of crypto, with over 350 available! If you cannot find your favorite crypto asset, you can request DipSway to add it for you via the support channels!

What is the Volume Traded

This metric indicates the total volume moved by the AI spot bot in that set time period. Every day, over a hundred thousand USDTs are moved.

What are the Trades Placed

This metric indicates the total number of trades placed by the AI spot bot in that set time period.